NOTE: In-person attendees will choose from the workshops offered in person, and will then have access to ALL of the workshops. Virtual attendees will have immediate access to ALL of the workshops.


11:30  a.m.: Registration begins for in-person attendance @ First United Methodist Church in Hueytown, Ala.  (“Get to Know each Other” activities for virtual attendees)

1:00 p.m.: Opening Session

2-2:45.: Workshop #1

  1. “Writing Memoirs,” Denise George (in person)

  2. “You Can Look it Up! How to Research (and use it) in your Writing,” William Thornton (in person)

  3. “Writing Fiction that Wows,” Tia McCollors (virtual)

  4. “Turning Blogs into Books,” Joe McKeever (virtual)

3-3:45: Workshop #2

  1. “Writing for Religious Magazines,” Laurie Franklin (in person)

  2. “Resources for Using the Bible in Your Writing,” Delaney Wray (in person)

  3. “Book Trailers and Other Innovative Marketing Techniques,” Stephanie Bain (virtual)

  4. “Copyright 101 for Writers,” Michael Webb (virtual)

4:00: BREAK (Bookstore and Prayer Room open for in-person conference; virtual book room and virtual prayer room open for entirety of virtual conference)

5:00: Keynote Presentation: “Writing from Your Life Experiences,” Todd Gerelds

6:00: DINNER and recognition of the 2021 Joanne Sloan Award for the Encouragement of Writers winner

7-7:45: Workshop #3

  1. “From Book to Film,” Todd Gerelds (in person)

  2. “The Writer as Image of God: Spiritual Disciplines for the Writer,” Christopher Sloan (in person)

  3. “Hearts and a Plan: Increase Personal Productivity using Planning,” LaDonna McCann (virtual)

  4. “Writing with Purpose," Theresa Wilson (virtual)

8:00: In-person small groups and share time; In-person bookstore and prayer room open Virtual breakout sessions


8:30 a.m.: BREAKFAST for in-person conference; in-person bookstore and prayer room open

9:30: Opening Session

10-10:45: Workshop #4

  1. “Writing Children’s Books,” Linda Holloway (in person)

  2. “Gems of Writing Wisdom, from Samuel Johnson to Stephen King,” David Sloan (in person)

  3. “Hooks and Gimmicks in Fiction,” Ginger Rue (in person)

  4. “Working with a Christian Book Publisher," Karen Porter (virtual)

11-11:45: Workshop #5

  1. “Creating Dynamic Characters,” Ellen Maze (in person)

  2. “Journal Here, Journal There, Journal Everywhere: The Benefits of Spiritual Journaling,” Stephanie Rodda (in person)

  3. “Between the Lines: The Need for Diversity in Publishing,” Edwina Perkins (virtual)

  4. “Travel Writing 101,” Apryl Thomas (virtual)

Noon: LUNCH and Keynote Presentation: “For the Lord,” Ginger Rue

1-1:45: Workshop #6

  1. “Introduction to Documentary Poetry,” Kwoya Maples (in person)

  2. “Query Letters and Book Proposals,” Cheryl Wray (in person)

  3. “What Editors Wish You Knew,” David Bennet (virtual)

  4. “Best Practices for Managing your Social Media,” Mitzi Eaker and CIndy Jones (virtual)

1:45-2:15: In-person Bookstore and Prayer Room open

2:30-3:00: Question and Answer Panel with Mary Claire Branton, Ellen Sallas, and Cheryl Wray

3:15: Closing Session, including awards ceremony for the 2021 SCWC Writing Awards (in-person bookstore and prayer room will be open after session; extra activities will be posted online for virtual and in-person attendees)

5:00: Private one-on-one Zoom pitch sessions begin