10 Reasons Why I Love Writing Conferences

by Stephanie Rodda When I attended my first writing conference.  I had no inkling as to what to expect. I was nervous, excited, anxious, and delighted all at the same time. I was both amazed and overwhelmed. I was surrounded by hundreds of people who had similar dreams and aspirations. I had to choose which workshops to attend and that was difficult because I honestly did not know. In retrospect, I think I thought, at that first conference, I'd meet some fabulous person who w

Priorities and Procrastinations: When Life Interrupts Your Writing

by Stephanie Rodda More than once lately, I’ve found myself muttering these words. “I’m bankrupt on time.” It has become my standard response when being approached to consider joining a new activity that will require my attention, my energy, my precious moments of my busy days. For decades, literally, I dreamed of writing, having a book published, being paid to write articles and of encouraging others with devotionals and blogs. I would dabble now and then, here and there. I