Congratulations to the SCWC Notable Book Award winners

The winners of the 2021 SCWC Notable Books Awards were recognized on Feb. 6 at the Virtual Southern Christian Book Expo. Congratulations to the winners, as well as all the finalists!

The SCWC Notable Book Awards recognize outstanding books from the prior calendar year, and honor works that are noted for their excellent writing quality and inspiring message. The awards are open to all authors and are organized and judged by the Southern Christian Writers Conference.

This year's winners are:

Self-Published Nonfiction: Terry Long, 100 Days at the Cross

(Additional Finalists: The Most Wonderful News You Will Hear by David Chancey and Everyday Faith for Daily Life by Jan White)

Self-Published Fiction: Ellen C. Maze, Tree of Life

(Additional Finalists: Vengeance and Betrayal by John Cunningham Jr. and The Vanishing of Olivia Beck by Sara L. Foust)

Devotional Book: Lori Hatcher, Refresh Your Faith: Uncommon Devotions from Every Book of the Bible

(Additional Finalists: Mornings with God: My Daily Prayer Journal by Emily Biggers and Vickie Phelps and Auburn/Bama Believer by Del Deduit)

Traditionally Published Nonfiction: Mary Potter Kenyon, Called to be Creative (Familius Publishing)

(Additional Finalists: Enjoy Today Own Tomorrow by Laine Lawson Craft (Ascender Books); A Woman God Can Bless by Sharon Norris Elliott (Harambe Press) and Inmillennialism: Redefining the Last Days by Michael Rogers (McGahan Publishing))

Traditionally Published Fiction: A.S. Mackey, The Edge of Everywhen (B&H Kids)

(Additional Finalists: The Gray Chamber by Grace Hitchcock (Barbour Publishing) and In High Cotton by Ane Mulligan (Heritage Beacon Fiction))

The awards ceremony was broadcast live during the Southern Christian Book Expo. You can watch it here: SCWC Notable Book Awards Ceremony

You can also watch it on Youtube: Awards Ceremony on Youtube

Due to Covid, we were unable to host all of the finalists and winners at the awards ceremony. We did have a few with us, including winner A.S. Mackey and finalists John Cunningham and Michael Rogers.

(Other pictures below showcase some of our wonderful partners and staff: coordinator Cheryl Wray, assistant to the coordinator Scout Wray, SCWC partners/The Alabama Baptist staff Annette Brown, Cynthia Watts, and Jessica Ingram, and SCWC founders David and Joanne Sloan. We had a wonderful time at the Southern Christian Book Expo!)

We love being able to bring you events and activities all year long, and we're especially grateful for your flexibility during these challenging times.

Congratulations again to the SCWC Notable Book Award winners and finalists, and we look forward to honoring winners in the future (Note: the SCWC takes submissions for the contest beginning in September; rules are announced here, on our Facebook page, and by email).

Thank you for being with us at the Southern Christian Book Expo, and we look forward to being with you all again very soon!

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