Enter our latest online writing challenges

** You can win some great prizes in our two latest SCWC writing challenges

** One challenge wins you free online access to the Write Away workshop on Oct. 16; the other earns you publication on the SCWC blog

** Deadlines coming up soon!

The SCWC is hosting two new writing challenges, giving you the opportunity to be published on our blog or to win online access to our upcoming Write Away Fall workshop.

Check out the two challenges and enter one (or both).

We can't wait to read your submissions!

The Writing Challenge: Let us know in 300 words or less about how you first knew you wanted to be a writer. Where did the desire come from? How old were you? What drove you to become serious about the endeavor. (You can write in any format. Use your creativity!)

Win: Access to the online Write Away workshop; this workshop takes place in-person on Oct. 16 in Orange Beach, Alabama, but will also be offered online. If you're the winner to this challenge you can attend the workshop online (or access it later) for free.

Submit to:

Deadline: Mon., Oct. 10 (winner announced on Oct. 11)

The Writing Challenge: While October is considered "spooky season," we also know that as Christians we don't have to let fear dominate our lives. Write a piece of writing with the word "Fear" in the title, but that ultimately has an uplifting message. You can submit any type of writing (short story, true story, poem) in any genre (contemporary, romance, speculative, mystery, inspirational, even horror). Just keep it to under 1000 words, and include "fear" in the title. It doesn't have to overtly be Christian (although it certainly can be), but it should have some message of hope.

Win: The top three winners will be recognized and published on the SCWC blog.

Submit to:

Deadline: Fri., Oct. 22 (winners announced on Oct. 3)

We look forward to reading your submissions, and can't wait to recognize the winners.

Good luck!

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