Meet SCWC leader, publisher, and author Ramona Richards

Ramona Richards is a woman of many talents. She's a publisher at Iron Stream Media, a successful author of mystery and suspense novels, and a sought-after leader at writing conferences. Even more importantly, she's a great encourager of aspiring writers.

We're thrilled to have her with us at the 2020 Virtual Southern Christian Writers Conference on July 24-25, where she'll present a workshop on "How to Work with a Christian Publisher." She's also graciously agreed to meet with authors in private pitch sessions.

I recently talked with Ramona about her writing and publishing experience, as well as her faith. We also discussed what she hopes to offer to SCWC participants this year.

What sort of publisher is Iron Stream? What sorts of books do you publish, and what type of manuscripts are you currently looking for?

Iron Stream is a small, independent publisher. We partner with our authors to market and distribute the books, and our books are available in all retail markets. We use a traditional royalty structure to pay our authors. The authors are not required to pay anything.

We have five nonfiction imprints, and ten fiction imprints. More about Iron Stream and our current needs can be seen at

You're also a writer. What are you currently working on?

I’m between projects, but definitely gearing up for the next one. I have a suspense book, Burying Daisy Doe, coming out in November, and I just sent my agent a manuscript for a romance aimed at the general market. I have a book for fiction authors that’ll release to the trade in November as well, although I have copies now that I can sell. The next one will probably be a romantic suspense book, and I’m working on an idea for a series. 

I know that you do a lot of writing workshops. What do you hope to impart to attendees of your workshop at the SCWC?

How much fun it is to work with a publisher on a book. We tend to think of our “babies” in isolation, but the publishing process is a partnership. Walking through the publishing journey with someone who is as excited about your book as you are is a fabulous experience.

What role does faith play in your writing and publishing work?

I’ve been a Christian since I was nine, and I’ve been an editor in the Christian publishing industry since 1981. It’s how I view the world, and my faith pretty much influences everything I do. 

What are some things people might be interested to know about you?

Right now, my hobbies have taken a backseat to the work. I like to cross-stitch, color, and put together models, but all of those projects tend to get frozen in time. After my day job, I write, clean house, and read. I have to squeeze in yard work during the summer, although my yard is kind of a mess. I do NOT have a green thumb. I moved Moody, Alabama, in 2018, and I’m loving the small-town life. 


There's still time to register for the Virtual SCWC. Ramona's workshop is one of 15 offered through the weekend; other features include two keynote presentations, breakout sessions, awards ceremony, and much more!

Contact Coordinator Cheryl Wray at for more information or to register.

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