Qualified or Not...Here I come

by guest blogger Debora Coty

“But Moses pleaded with the Lord, ‘O Lord, I’m just not a good speaker. I never have been, and I’m not now, even after you have spoken to me, I’m clumsy with words’” (Exodus 4:10 NLT).

After 430 long years of captivity, God chose Moses, a fumble-tongued, murderer turned nomad, to speak on His behalf and lead the Israelites from their bondage – to become their long prayed-for emancipator.

What was Moses’ reaction? “Who am I to go?” (Exodus 3:11 CEV).

In other words, “What on earth are you thinking, Lord? You should find somebody else; I’m the wrong person for this job!”

There it is – the Moses Mantra: I’m not qualified for this job, Lord!

The Bible is full of people who, by outward appearances, weren’t qualified for the work to which God called them.

  • Saul, a donkey herder, was chosen by God to be the first king of Israel.

  • David, a musical shepherd, was called to be the next warrior king.

  • Rahab, the Gentile prostitute, was hand-picked by God to become an important link in the ancestral (Jewish) lineage of Jesus.

  • Mary was a carefree teenager when she was chosen as the nurturer of God’s own son.

  • Paul, a dreaded vigilante against Christians, was appointed to become the greatest evangelist of all time.

  • Peter, a mere fisherman, was called to become the foundation of the worldwide Christian church.

Could it be that we of other professions could possibly be called by God to further His kingdom via the written word?

Shortly after my first three magazine articles came out, a conversation (more like a confrontation) with an acquaintance at church stopped me cold. This busybody was hovering nearby when I excitedly told my good friend about the incredible blessing of having three articles accepted by national magazines for publication.

As soon as my friend left, the carnivore closed in for the kill.

“Excuse me … did I overhear you say you’ve been published?” she asked, drawing her tall frame close to peer down at my short, stubby self. I barely knew her, but I wanted to be polite. I later learned that she was a frustrated wannabe writer who’d never had anything published.

“Why, yes,” I naively replied, smiling in anticipation of the accolade sure to follow. But it didn’t.

“Tell me, what exactly qualifies you to be a writer? Did you study journalism in college?”

“Well, no . . .”

“Were you an English major?” she asked in an impeccably crisp tone. “Or Literature, perhaps?”

“Not exactly.” I was a science gal and got my degree in occupational therapy. Had someone suddenly cranked up the furnace?

“Then how, may I ask, are you qualified to be a writer?” She stood glaring at me with her arms crossed and lips pursed.

For once in my life I was speechless. How was I supposed to respond to that?

Struck by a bolt of divine inspiration, I shook my head. “I guess I’m not. You’re absolutely right. I’m not qualified to be a writer. But do you want to know something really funny? There are three editors out there who think I am!”

When I first felt God’s still, small voice nudging me toward writing, I heralded the Moses Mantra loud and clear. Me, write? I’ve been working in other jobs for twenty-five years; I’m too old to learn something new. You’ve got the wrong gal, Lord. It’s been w-a-y too long since English class – I wouldn’t know an ellipsis from an eclipse. My participles would dangle like fishhooks and my metaphors would be messier than my son’s bedroom.

But that little voice inside wouldn’t be quieted. So qualified or not, I listened and obeyed.

And now, fifteen years later, I’ve been blessed with over 200 published articles and 30 books that have sold nearly 1.5 million copies in multiple languages worldwide. Go figure.

Maybe that little voice inside you wouldn’t go away either. So here you are, pursuing your writing dream. Just like Moses, your excuses melted away and your mantra instead became: Whatever you will, Lord, that I will do.

And with every slash of the pen and tap of the keyboard, our heavenly Father reminds us, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV).


Bio: Debora M. Coty is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of over 30 books, including the bestselling Too Blessed to be Stressed series. Join Deb’s community of BFFs (Blessed Friends Forever) at

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