So much to be thankful for

One of my favorite family traditions during the Thanksgiving season has been writing things we're thankful for on small strips of paper and putting them in a "thankful jar."

When Thanksgiving morning arrives, we sit down and read the items out to one another. This tradition continues to live on today even though we have just one child living in our home; and our oldest daughter now continues it with her four children.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to be thankful. The act of remembering the reasons we are blessed is a powerful thing!

As the calendar turns to November, let's remember the things we can be thankful for in our lives as writers.

If I were to write items on thankful strips that related to writing, these are some of the things I would write and drop into the thankful jar:

* I'm thankful for a community of friends who are fellow writers. * I'm thankful that I have a way to tell my stories. * I'm thankful for my laptop that I love. * I'm thankful for coffee shops (where I love to write). * I'm thankful for a family that instilled in me the love of writing. * I'm thankful for those who read my words. * I'm thankful for God's guiding hand in my writing.

What in your writing life are you thankful for today? Write them down--on thankful strips or in a journal--and thank God for these blessings.

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