Summer Bucket List for Writers

Have you ever written a bucket list for an upcoming Summer?

The list is a place where you plan all sorts of activities for the Summer months...from trips you want to take, to books you want to read, to activities (stargazing! making homemade ice cream!) you want to do.

What if this Summer you also put together a bucket list for your writing? You could list all those things you'd love to do in regards to your writing, but that you've never quite gotten around to.

Here are 25 ideas (my own, and also ideas that came from SCWC members in our Facebook group):

1) Start that novel you've always said you're going to write.

2) Write every single day. (Find a slot of time--even if it's for 15 minutes--and designate it for writing.)

3) Create your own Summer reading program. (Pick books similar in genre to what you want to write, or choose books on writing.)

4) Start a blog.

5) Write on your existing blog on a regular basis.

6) Edit a project.

7) Try your hand at poetry.

8) Get inspired by spending time outdoors.

9) Start a journal.

10) Create devotions to share from your Facebook page.

11) Start a Twitter account for your writing.

12) Start an Instagram account for your writing.

13) Write by the pool. (Or the beach. Or a lake.)

14) Take yourself on a writing retreat.

15) Purchase the Writer's Market (an annual guide that lists magazines and book publishers); study it for what your interests might be.

16) Write a mission statement for your writing.

17) Take a trip; write your experiences in a travel log or write an article based on the trip.

18) Write a letter to your 12-year-old (or 50-year-old) self.

19) Write a thank you letter to someone who has had a positive influence on your life.

20) Work on your home office (or a space you can dedicate to your writing).

21) Do research on the kind of writing you're interested in pursuing.

22) Take an online writing class.

23) Write a short story set in Summertime.

24) See what resources you might need to increase your writing productivity (a laptop, writing apps, etc.) and invest in them.

25) Attend a writing conference. (We recommend the Virtual Southern Christian Writers Conference on July 24-25.)

Happy Summertime! Let's make it an enjoyable--and productive--one!

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