Together is Better

by guest blogger Kristy Ensor

My friend and fellow SCWC member, Sue Mohr, always says,“We were not created to create alone.”

I’ve found that saying to be true. I belong to several writing groups, both in-person and online. For me personally, belonging to writing communities is instrumental and encouraging. As writers, there’s always something new to learn, and most of us have plenty of room to grow in our craft. I certainly do!

Being surrounded by other writers can offer a fresh perspective and inspiration for our work. We can learn and grow together. Fellowship with like-minded creatives can be especially rewarding.

The Lord has blessed all of us with different interests, talents, and callings. Writers are no exception. Some are poets. Some write for children. Some are novelists. Others are bloggers, etc. Some of us are still trying to figure it out. We’re trying to hone in on what it is we’re supposed to be writing. I tend to fit into the latter category. I find myself on a journey. Like many, I am a work in progress. Even so, I’m confident that God created each of us with special gifts and has a work for us to do.  

It is written in 1 Chronicles 22:15-16 “You have many workers: stonecutters, masons and carpenters, as well as those skilled in every kind of work in gold and silver, bronze and iron - craftsmen beyond number. Now begin the work, and the Lord be with you.”

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” – Ephesians 2:10

Those “good works” are your service to the world. How are you using your gift of writing? How do you share it with others? How are you serving the world with your talents?

Rather than getting so caught up in the “what” it is you’re supposed to write, just “begin” the work. Simply write and serve the world. The world needs your words. Focus as you go. If you’re like me and trying to figure it all out, it’s especially important to spend time in prayer. God will guide you and help you better develop your genre and brand during the writing process. You don’t have to know the big picture as you seek clarity for your work. Just ask the Lord to direct


Spending quality time with God is key, no matter what your endeavors.

As suggested above, it's also meaningful to spend time with fellow writers. I have an example. During the Southern Christian Writers Conference a couple of years ago, I met DeAnn Starling. We happened to sit beside each other at one of the sessions. During our initial conversation, we realized that we both live in Middle Tennessee. We exchanged phone numbers, and shortly after the conference, we met for lunch. We quickly became great friends! Later that year, we decided to meet regularly to spur one another on with our writing goals and other projects. My previously mentioned friend, Sue, also wanted to join the group. 

The three of us started meeting and now call ourselves The Crooked Crown Writing Society since we are daughters of the King of Kings! In early 2020, Sue suggested that we write a devotional book together about hope. Little did we know that 2020 would be a time when our world needed an extra dose of hope! We wrote the manuscript during this Covid 19 pandemic.

We each brought different writing styles and strengths to the table. For starters, it was Sue who had the idea and encouraged us to write the book together, even when DeAnn and I questioned it. Once we agreed to move forward and co-write, we obtained our literary agent. Collectively, we wrote the manuscript and book proposal. Later, I made a pitch sheet. Then, during this year’s conference, DeAnn signed up for a meeting with Karen Porter, publisher with Bold Vision Books.

We all worked together using the unique gifts that God personalized for each of us. By His grace and timing, we landed ourselves a traditional book deal. We recently signed a contract with Bold Vision Books and are excited to share our little book of HOPE in the future!   (Pictured above are Karen, Sue, and DeAnn, as they meet to sign their contract for their upcoming book.)

 I believe working together is better.

Jesus had the disciples.

Ruth had Naomi.

Jonathan had David.

Elijah had Elisha.

Timothy had Paul.

Moses had Aaron.

Jesus can bond friends together in remarkable ways, and I encourage you to surround yourself with friends who like to write and create. Not only can it be enlightening, but it can also lead to success and lots of fun!


Kristy Ensor is a wife, mom, writer, and Jesus girl. She’s also known as the “Back Road Diva” due to her love for traveling off the beaten path. As a regular contributor for Lifeway, she writes devotions for Journey magazine. Her books and other projects are in development, and she can be found online at You are cordially invited to follow her on social media: Kristy Ensor @thebackroaddiva.     

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