Yoked for Destiny

by guest blogger Bailey Wynne

Some time ago I was discussing the state of marriages and the difficulty (and the work) needed to make them last. Somewhere in that conversation, the scripture that mentions the importance of an equal yoke surfaced and we dissected its usefulness and utilization.

That discussion pushed me to look more at the utilitarian nature of yokes, not in marriage, but its role in purpose.

When we consider the idea of being yoked, we see two animals (human or beast) linked in such a way that results are produced in an exponential manner. This increase is guided by the prodding of a more intelligent being who helps the two held captive by the yoke to work together, preventing them from straying too far from a predestined path.

In marriage, a yoke created by similarities and faith, holds you close to your covenant partner no matter how sick and tired you may be of each other. Even more importantly, between the two of you is a place upon which the Holy Spirit is able to take hold when two obstinate and willful creatures buck up in their carnal natures threatening the very bonds they promised to uphold.

Now, what happens if you desire a life of purpose, but are yoked to procrastination, laziness, shallow acquaintances, and a lack of planning and goal setting? Obviously, if you desire a life that produces good fruit, this is a detrimental coupling.

Imagine being held by the neck straining to make progress toward the mark of your high calling, but being pulled in the opposite direction by all those uncontrolled inclinations. Even sadder, is seeing progress come to a total standstill, as they like the orneriest mule, plop down and refuse to move at all and when they stop moving, so do you, just like that.

The tragedy is that all those tendencies mentioned are ones we freely

and voluntarily harness ourselves to. We recognize the damage they are doing to the destiny we desire for ourselves, but, make excuses rather than unhitch ourselves from that self imposed bondage.

We talk foolishness to ourselves. With sayings like, I want to stop procrastinating, but, I recorded the last 500 episodes of my favorite show and I have to find out how it ended. I know that my BFF isn’t about living a life I can be proud of, but, really, everybody needs to unwind. You aspire to be a novelist with a best seller on the books? Just haven’t written any pages tho. And, why have a goal? You know where you want to go and what you will do when you arrive. But, the route to achieve it? It will happen, just depend on serendipity.

I pray that you come to realize that the things that hold you back from the purpose you were destined for can only be minimized when you intentionally seek the right path. You must be careful to let nothing deter you from it. Seek direction from the one who created you. Ask Him to help you to remove anything that is not like him. The God of this universe is about diligence, constancy, truth, productivity and certainty. Once he holds sway over your footsteps and your decisions, your purposeful life is bound to come to fruition. You will then become all that you were supernaturally designed to be.

We are all subjugated to something in this life. Choose your yoke wisely.

Blessings to you all.


Bailey Wynne is the bona fide quirky, adventuresome and bossy older sister of 10 siblings. She, like many humans, have experienced loss, betrayal, pain and joy and wishes to share it with all who seek an understanding and kindred spirit. Her faith is strong and her resilience, impenetrable. Her blog posts are about life, encouraging others and passing on the wisdom that should come with age. She has a heart full of empathy, and like her Mother, believes that no good hug goes unrewarded. Read Bailey's blog, Boomer Wisdom (How to Survive Life and other Happy Catastrophes) HERE.

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